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We offer repair, replacement, and installation of plumbing fixtures.

Have you ever heard a plumber refer to a fixture? Perhaps you’ve heard the term on your favorite DIY home makeover show, but you aren’t sure what is included in that category. Fixtures are plumbing components that have specific uses and applications. In your bathroom, the fixtures include the shower head, tub spout, and sink faucet. In the kitchen, you probably have a faucet that delivers water to the sink. Laundry rooms might also include fixtures, although it depends on whether they have sinks or not. In some homes, you might also find bidets, which are considered fixtures as well.

Fixtures in Coral Gables, Florida

Any plumbing component that has water running through it and a specific application or use can break, often with little to no warning. Leaky fixtures can create serious problems in a home or business, especially if they go undetected. Many people don’t realize when their sink faucets are leaking because the moisture seeps down into the cupboard below or onto the floor, where it can be absorbed quickly. A leaky shower head or tub spout might be a little more obvious, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re dealing with problems with any of the fixtures in your Coral Gables, Florida home or business, our team at Pines Plumbing and Remodel can help. We offer repair, replacement, and installation of plumbing fixtures. Each of our technicians has undergone extensive training in the plumbing industry, and our business has over three decades of experience. For assistance with fixtures, trust our knowledgeable and helpful team.

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