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No matter the reason, we’d love to help you get new or replacement faucets in your space.

A faucet is a vital plumbing component within a structure, as it provides a place where water can flow out. Whether you’re filling a tub, washing your hands, or preparing a meal, you rely on faucets to keep the water flowing in your home. But when a faucet isn’t working properly, it can lead to a number of worrisome issues. A cracked faucet might allow water to leak into the cupboard below it or onto the floor, which can cause serious damage. Leaky faucets waste a lot of water and can increase the risk of moisture damage as well. If you notice that your water bills are increasing unexpectedly or you have wet spots around your sinks, the faucets may be to blame.

Faucets in Coral Gables, Florida

At Pines Plumbing and Remodel, we work with clients in and around Coral Gables, Florida to provide a range of plumbing services. We specialize in faucets, so we’re able to install, repair, replace, and upgrade these fixtures in local homes and businesses. Many of our clients come to us for faucet services when they have a fixture that isn’t working properly or is causing water to leak. However, some of our clients request the installation of new faucets because they simply don’t like the look of their existing faucets. No matter the reason, we’d love to help you get new or replacement faucets in your space.

When we’re installing faucets for our clients, we will use high-quality products from leading brands in the plumbing industry. If you have questions about our faucet service or what we can do for an existing faucet in your space, give us a call today.

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